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Janie Thompson, M.Ed.

Master Level Counselor


M.Ed. Counseling and Human Development, Lindsey Wilson College

Therapeutic Approach

I believe that we must change how we think to change how we feel and to bring about healing of the mind. I work to identify strengths in every person and build on their experiences with new skills and techniques to overcome obstacles. I provide support and education for individual clients and families with empathy and kindness in a relaxed atmosphere. I also challenge clients to grow while building on their strengths for change.

Treatment Issues

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, Autism, relationship issues, LGBTQ community issues, and parenting concerns


Treatment Population

I work with adults and children 6 years and older.


My Journey

Life has taken me on several journeys that have shaped me into a helper and caregiver. Trials from early childhood led me to work with children in custody/social services situations. My work in various environments as an in-home case manager, therapist in schools, and now as a provider in private practice has shaped my approach to therapy to consider no only the individual but also how each client relates to their environment and other people. My passion is to help clients grow and learn to lead healthy and stable lives as they navigate this ever-changing world.


Favorite Quote

"Keep doing what your doing. Keep getting what your getting."

-Ryan Vitatoe

Recommended Reading

Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chodron

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